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There are many quick credits that we can use to get cash quickly, either to cover a punctual financial need, and online loans that we can use in all kinds of circumstances, how to finance a project, for example. Regardless of what you need it on this page, we will give you valuable information that you should know and keep in mind if you are thinking of asking for a loan or credit. In addition, we will tell you all about the different types of loans, how to get them and what the requirements will be and the conditions that you must meet to obtain them. In this page we will give you information about the cost of the loans, the installment loans and how you should reimburse them as well as the interest that you will have to pay in each case. All the information you need you will find here, at Lucy SnoweLucy, and if you have any questions please, ask. We will be happy to help you with your economy. Next we’ll see what you need to know about the loans, so do not lose detail.

What is a loan?

What is a loan?

Of the action to lend, a loan is a financial operation by which a physical or legal person grants to another a certain amount of money in exchange for some interest. There are different types of loans and credits that we can request, and each service will have its conditions. For example, the sum of money that allow us to get, the speed with which we receive the money and we can enjoy the loan, and the interests that apply. Online loans are the most requested, because it is the best way to get the money we need in the fastest way. In a loan, either through a bank or financial service, they will be offering us a financing opportunity, and since each loan has its conditions it is very important to know what types exist and which one will be more convenient for each purpose. As beneficiaries of the loan, we will be committing ourselves with the lender to repay the amount of money borrowed along with the interest that was applied at the time of the concession and in the manner specified in the loan contract.

What types of loans exist?

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If before the financing could only be obtained through banking entities with personal loans, nowadays we have a world of possibilities thanks to different companies that offer us the opportunity to obtain this service. Asking for a loan is very simple. In this section we will know the types of loans that we can request according to our Lucy Snowe Lucy Snowe. So let’s start, and let’s see what is best for us. When we talk about loans we can differentiate between personal loans and mortgage loans. Although other types of loans can be included in personal loans, such as consumer loans, student loans … Lifelong personal loans are obtained through banking entities, and these are granted to finance a need determined at a time when we do not have sufficient liquidity. For example, pay for a reform. If we take into account the different types of loans, we can request:

  • A consumer loan. To finance durable consumer goods that do not require a lot of capital, such as buying a car.
  • A personal loan To finance Lucy Snowe concrete at a certain time and with a small amount too. They are similar to consumer loans only that they are requested for intangible goods, for example for a trip.
  • A loan of studies. Although it is more widespread in the US and in other European countries, in Spain they are also beginning to gain popularity. These loans are requested to finance postgraduate or university studies. They are not usually very high loans either and are reimbursed in the short term.

On the other hand, we have mortgage loans , which are requested to obtain financing to acquire a home. If you need to know more about this topic in another of our articles you will find much more information about mortgages.

The Crowdlending

If you want to be up to date on the loans you should also know the P2P loans, which are between individuals. This concept is known as Crowdlending , which means loans between people through the Internet. Two types can be distinguished: depending on whether the funding is for other people or for companies. P2P is peer to peer, that is, between people. In contrast, for business loans, the term P2B, from person to business, or P2C, from person to company, is used.

How to get loans without interest?

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As we already know, the loans imply the obligation to return the money together with the interest accrued on that amount within the term signed in the contract. But can you get loans without interest? How? Well, nowadays we can find different alternatives in the market and, of course, we also have several options for interest-free loans. Thanks to these loans we can cover different Lucy Snowe consumption with zero cost, although it is convenient to take a look at the conditions in addition to the advantages they offer us.

  • Personal loans without interest. These loans can be obtained through Lucy Snowe entities and private equity companies. The interest rate is 0%, but this does not mean that it is free, although it is much more advisable than other loans to use. In this case, for now you will have to take charge of the cost of the commissions included in the APR.
  • Loans with purpose. We assume that all loans are requested for a purpose. However, there are loans that are truly offered to fulfill a specific purpose, which will in fact be assigned to the loan. For example, a loan to finance the enrollment of the university

Afterwards, we also have at our disposal a selection of free mini credits, which we can use to get a loan of a low amount and at 0% APR. But well, the credits will go into more detail in another of our post.

Can you get a loan without endorsement or payroll?

When you are going to request a loan, you will need to fulfill some requirements to request it, which may vary depending on the company with which you are going to contract the service. On the other hand, you will also have to take into account the conditions that you must fulfill. Now that we know that you can get loans without interest, do you think it is possible to get a loan without a guarantee and without a payroll? The most frequent is that you need to meet minimum requirements, and this is usually one of the most requested. If you do not have a payroll you will need to comply with at least the following characteristics:

  • Remuneration periodically. If you want a quick loan without a payroll you will have to have a movement in your bank account to serve as a guarantee.
  • You will have to justify the origin of the income
  • The income will have to be sufficient , depending on the amount you want to apply for the loan, and must be used to pay the fees

If you are thinking about applying for a loan without a guarantee, keep in mind that Lucy Snowe companies can grant you as valid any income that is for:

  • A rented property that gives us stable rents
  • A study aid or scholarship
  • An unemployment benefit
  • The pension for retirement

It is important that even if we do not have a payroll or an endorsement, we can show that we have constant income over time, otherwise we will not be able to access the loan.

How do loans work?

How do loans work?

When you are on a list of defaults, such as the ASNEF, it will not be so easy to access these instant online loans. In case you want to request them, you will be the most common requirements that can be made to grant us a loan being delinquent.

  • Be of age. As a general rule, 18 years, although according to what loan they could require us to have up to 25 years.
  • Live in Spain. We will require accreditation through the DNI. ASNEF loans are regulated by the conditions of the national market.
  • Be an account holder Obviously we will need an operational bank account to be able to receive this loan.
  • Have retributions. We must justify that we have enough money to repay the contracted loan. The normal thing is to have payroll, but we have already seen that it is not necessary because you can request a loan providing another type of compensation.